Woodpecker CI Plugins
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Woodpecker CI plugin to manage infrastructure with OpenTofu.


  - name: tofu
    image: quay.io/thegeeklab/wp-opentofu
        - validate
        - plan


action optional list
Tofu actions to execute.
Default: validate,plan,apply
fmt_option optional string
Options for the fmt command, see the OpenTofu fmt command documentation.
Default: none
init_option optional string
Tofu init command options, see the OpenTofu init command documentation.
Default: none
no_log optional bool
Suppress tofu command output for plan, apply and destroy action.
Default: false
parallelism optional integer
Number of concurrent operations.
Default: 0
refresh optional bool
Enables refreshing of the state before plan and apply commands.
Default: true
root_dir optional string
Root directory where the tofu files live.
Default: none
targets optional list
Targets to run plan or apply action on.
Default: none
tofu_version optional string
Tofu version to use.
Default: none


Build the binary with the following command:

make build

Build the Container image with the following command:

docker build --file Containerfile.multiarch --tag thegeeklab/wp-opentofu .


docker run --rm \
  -e PLUGIN_ACTION=validate \
  -v $(pwd):/build:z \
  -w /build \