Woodpecker CI Plugins
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Woodpecker CI plugin to send messages to a Matrix room.


- name: notify
  image: quay.io/thegeeklab/matrix
    homeserver: https://matrix.org
    roomid: randomstring:matrix.org
    username: octocat
    password: random-secret


access_token optional string
Authentication access token.
Default: none
homeserver optional string
Matrix home server url.
Default: https://matrix.org
password optional string
Authentication password.
Default: none
roomid optional string
Roomid to send messages to.
Default: none
template optional string

Golang template for the message.

The Metadata struct is exposed to the template and all fields can be referenced. To extend the functionality, sprig functions can also be used.

Default: Status: **{{ .Pipeline.Status }}** Build: [{{ .Repository.Slug }}]({{ .Pipeline.URL }}){{ if .Curr.Branch }} ({{ .Curr.Branch }}){{ end }} by {{ .Curr.Author.Name }} Message: {{ .Curr.Title }}{{ if .Curr.URL }} ([source]({{ .Curr.URL }})){{ end }}
template_unsafe optional bool

Render raw HTML and potentially dangerous links in template.

By default, raw HTML and potentially dangerous links in the template are not rendered. If inline HTML is used, it may be necessary to activate this option. In such cases, please ensure that the CI configuration files in the git repository are protected against malicious changes.

Default: false
user_id optional string

Authentication user ID.

If set, the access_token parameter is required as well.

Default: none
username optional string

Authentication username.

If set, the password parameter is required as well.

Default: none


Build the binary with the following command:

make build

Build the container image with the following command:

docker build --file Containerfile.multiarch --tag thegeeklab/wp-matrix .


docker run --rm \
  -e PLUGIN_ROOMID=randomstring:matrix.org \
  -e PLUGIN_USERNAME=octocat \
  -e PLUGIN_PASSWORD=random-secret \
  -v $(pwd):/build:z \
  -w /build \