Woodpecker CI Plugins
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Woodpecker CI plugin to publish files and artifacts to Gitea releases.


Only tag events are supported by this plugin. Running the plugin on other events will result in an error.
  - name: publish
    image: quay.io/thegeeklab/wp-gitea-release
      api_key: randomstring
      base_url: https://gitea.rknet.org
      files: build/*


api_key required string
Api key to access Gitea API.
Default: none
base_url required string
URL of the Gitea instance.
Default: none
checksum optional list
Generate specific checksums.
Default: none
draft optional bool
Create a draft release.
Default: false
file_exist optional string
What to do if file already exist.
Default: overwrite
files optional list
List of files to upload.
Default: none
note optional string
File or string with notes for the release.
Default: none
prerelease optional bool
Set the release as prerelease.
Default: false
title optional string
File or string for the title shown in the Gitea release.


Build the binary with the following command:

make build

Build the container image with the following command:

docker build --file Containerfile.multiarch --tag thegeeklab/wp-gitea-release .


docker run --rm \
  -e PLUGIN_BASE_URL=https://try.gitea.io \
  -e PLUGIN_API_KEY=randomstring \
  -e PLUGIN_FILES=build/* \
  -e CI_REPO_OWNER=gitea \
  -e CI_REPO_NAME=test \
  -v $(pwd):/build:z \
  -w /build \